. . .and what I love recently, otherwise known as lazygirl’s posting. . .but spurred by the recent visits from a few that I used to chat with and have since lost touch with (as life sort of gets in the way sometimes). . .i’m going to add the words of others for now while I’m in the midst of projects and chaotic work.

It will settle and when it does. . .i’ll aspire to be a bit more glasspetalsmoke-ish. . .

So what I love:

yesterday’s sample sale at Rogues Gallery.  yum.  i now have several hundred dollars worth of locally designed and crafted one-of-a-kind pieces for mere pocket change.  including the heavy hoodie on the bottom left, that already feels like it’s been soaked in salt water (which everything of mine eventually becomes anyhow), eclectic and oversized t-shirts, men’s button downs that are delightfully rumpled and carelessly elegant in that sexy morning after look, an anchor belt that looks preppy at first glance but is decidedly not.  I even found a present for my darling brother, he looks so handsome in dark collared shirts and I miss not living near him (or do I mostly miss the motorcycle and watching sunsets from the back of it as we fly down farm roads?)

I also love this blog: the writing, the recipes, the photos, and really really really want to eat here at The HerbFarm.  But the Atlantic has other draws and I’ll be perfectly happy with those while reading about the ones on the opposite coast. I’m completely about 100 mile eating, have always wanted goats (see below), have even been eschewing tropical fruits (a far cry from my several years as basically a fruitarian!!) and have been petitioning my mum to spend a few days canning and preserving with me like I remember doing year after year at summer’s end when my hair was long and in two braids. . .

Now I’m just drooling over the thought of goat cheese stuffed into squash blossoms, mussel stew, corn spoonbread. . .and truffles dug up by a rescued pound dog.  “(The truffles had been hunted by a local chihuahua, who was a dog rescued from the pound. Her new owner noticed the dog digging in the garden and went to look. Truffles. She showed up at the Herbfarm one day and offered to sell them, since she couldn’t eat them all.)”

Again. . . yum.

My new favourite local place that I haunt is here

. . .and my new favourite local place that I have yet to visit, but am finger-tappingly looking forward to the upcoming workshops. . .  I always wanted goats.  I still do.  I satisfy myself with the raw local goat’s milk that I then turn into my own yogurt and kefir, flavoring with local honey or maple syrup. . .the word of this post is YUM.

They tie together perfectly because Rabelais is where I plan to march myself all the way across town to buy the book(but in this beautiful fall air, who can resist spending all their time outside?!)  then curling up somewhere along Commercial Street by the ferries coming and going to devour the pages. . .

there are really a hundred thousand more things that I love right now. . .a holga camera, salvaged wood frames for my photographs, the way the sunlight comes into my working corners in brick-walled coffeeshops (my office), eating huge and beautifully ugly heirloom tomatoes and boxes of sungolds until I feel like I’m going to burst but it’s okay because the season is fleeting, we have to grab them while they’re here because I won’t touch a California flown/trucked in “tomato” come winter. . .

but I’ll leave the list teasingly succinct for now. . . and let you springboard to what you’re loving now. . . and keep some of the perfect mysteries just for me.