I’m a Maine girl. . . I always have been. . . it’s rooted in my ancestry as far back as you can go even before some of them came over on the Mayflower, others were originally here.  I guess I was born from duality.  As we are all, this huge simmering world that I adore and feel constantly nurtured by.

it takes consistent leaving and years of trying to rip up these roots with new places to realize just how far reaching into the salty earth they go.  The sea and the mountains and the fields of blueberries are in my bones. . . the scent of being as far on the East Coast as you can get on this land fills my nostrils and I embrace it calmly.  Memories are wild and happy. . . and more will be made.

And summers in Maine are sheer magic, I’m glad to be back in time to savor the rest of this one. . . even though it’s already past my childhood “halfway mark” (July 4th -when we would pick strawberries at dawn and before the fireworks at night, have strawberry shortcake with homemade biscuits and unsweetened creme for dinner!). . . the East Bay was blanketed in chilly fog most of the time so being back on the East Coast makes me feel like summer has just begun in some ways- I’m playing a bit of lazy catch-up.

Falling asleep to the sounds of quiet (not busy Berkeley streets) with crickets and sometimes thundering rain reminds me of being little and the cool feeling of summer sheets, going to bed when it was sometimes still light, the sounds of grownup voices and clinking glasses. . . the mornings we woke up and it was already so wonderfully muggy and the air smelled like the fragrant gardens, sun-burnt exhaustion after days at the beach, the glorious feel of salt in my hair and drying on our skin, delicious stacks of summer reading that you could spend all day buried in either following the sun or seeking shade when it became too hot. . .

i just finished the most wonderful book ever- Mutant Message Down Under by Marlo Morgan and am now in the midst of another gorgeously poetic and full of mystical scents, Essence & Alchemy: A Natural History of Perfume by Mandy Aftel. . . which has led me on a treasure-hunt sort of path to the next one added to the list. . .

“In J.K. Huysman’s classic novel of aesthetic excess, A Rebours, the protagonist describes the creation of a heart chord: “First he made himself a tea with a compound of cassia and iris; then, completely sure of himself, he resolved to go ahead, to strike a reverberating chord whose majestic thunder would drown down the whisper of that artful frangipani which was stealing stealthily into the room.”

. . . what wonderful thoughts to curl up with on this perfectly quiet and summery Sunday. . .

and speaking of strawberry shortcake above- i think one of my “summer sheet” sets actually was a Strawberry Shortcake print- what i wouldn’t give for those now, completely retro and fun but alas no more twin beds (actually no more beds, as I really prefer the floor wherever I go!). . . i’ll have to search some nostalgic videos out on youtube instead.

So my summer list of things to savor today. . . organic Ethiopian coffee in a french press that allows us to slow down, munch our fresh peaches that spill sweetness down our chins. . . yoga on the deck wet from last nights thunderstorm, a hands outstretched to flying position bike ride for the NY Times only to discover everyone was still sleeping in town. . . which works better anyway- viewing the Times online is much more eco-friendly and allows for sharing the wonderfully random multimedia stories with friends. . . and the best for last:  the delectable and rough boys at Rogues Gallery. . . I’m still in love with the products and the lookbook, mostly because these are the clothes that are familiar to me and the roughened hands from wood, work and the sea that I’ve always needed on my skin.

Glad to be in the midst of July . . .and thank you to all who’ve welcomed me home with love and salty kisses.