a multitude of books. . . it’s a constant juggling act and keeping my very few and far between free moments filled to the brim. 

Jhumpa Lahiri’s book of stories Interpreter of Maladies which I absoluely can’t put down

The Moosewood Restaurant Kitchen Garden (using their illustrations for my own sketching inspirations, and it makes me think of being small and pulling that original and dog-eared Moosewood cookbook down for cozy memory-making with Mum. . . with fresh garden meals, and decadent but nourishing treats- always with honey and carob, never processed or packaged. . .)

The Secret Teaching of Plants (wow)

On the Road: The Continuous Scroll (Jack Kerouac makes me feel like my younger self. . . angsty and poetic, breathless and wandering. . . wait how is that just my younger self?!  It’s now too. . .)

Night and Day, Virginia Woolfe. . . (written for my soul at this very moment)

The Organic Lawn Care Manual

My neighbor in Berkeley Michael Pollan’s Second Nature: A Gardener’s Education

these are mixed in with various Time, C, Nylon and indie publications I find lying around. . .

it’s a juxtaposed mix, so whatever mood I find myself in at the moment. . . there are reading passages to fit.